“Cut Throat” Free-Write [Weekly Writes Prompt]

This week I think I’m going to just post my Free-Write as nothing really came out of this week’s prompt for me that really stood out or I felt I wanted to expand on.  That, and cause the deadline is NOW, ha ha.  Maybe I’ll come back to this??? 😦 Fail?

This post comes out of the #WeeklyWrites prompt: Cut Throat

Here are the contributions of others:
Jaysen Headley

Free-Write: Cut Throat

I came up with this week’s prompt.  I think I was thinking  of the movie Cut Throat Island.  I don’t know why.  I’ve never seen it, though I think it’s the same team that did Long Kiss Goodnight, one of my favorite films!  Love it!
Is it Cut-Throat, or Cutthroat?
To get a job.
Pointing out flaws of friends, or competitors to achieve or get something.
A Murderer
A city in New Orleans
Cut in line, what is the throat
Cut the throat
Cut throat, cut throat

adjective: cut-throat
1. (of a competitive situation or activity) fierce and intense; involving the use of ruthless measures.

What have I done that has been considered Cut Throat?
What were some cut throat things I’ve done. Um. Not sure if some things are cut throat, or just mean,.. or it is the same?
Like, when I let some kid hang off a ledge, who was afraid of heights, and left him to hang. That just seems mean. I feel like the result desired, and how something is done to obtain that result determines if something is cut throat or not.

What has been done to me that was Cut Throat?

What have I seen that is Cut Throat?  Witnessed?

What can I come up with that is mad Cut Throat?
Going right to the kill switch.  Though I don’t know enough about anatomy to really know what’s most effective.  If I was just some crazy killer with mad strength,.. I’d say to just knock someone’s head off.

Cut throat in freelancing, acting,..
In the arts, if you have to audition for a job, like acting, singing, dancing, music, etc., some practices in casting can be a bit cut throat. BUT in reality, it’s just logic/practicality and politics, which may have nothing to do with your ability.  It’s a reality that one will be rejected a LOT, and it shouldn’t be taken personally.  There could be many many reasons why you didn’t get a part, all of which may likely not have anything to do with your ability.

Casting may not see or consider someone based on their physical attributes. In many cases, looks first, ability second. Doesn’t seem fair?  Well, the casting people are trying to cast for specific roles, ideally, in the service to the story.  Some roles call for very specific attributes, that an actor either has or doesn’t have.  An extreme example would be a character they are casting is female, but you’re male.  Sure, it’d be cool to cast non-traditionally, but in many cases, with exception, that’s not going to happen.

It’s a business, and no one wants their time wasted, and neither do you.  There are just too many actors.  We’re like sheep, so they have to be cut throat sometimes just to get on with the business.

When we think people are cut throat, we’re saying that they are being unnecessarily insensitive right?  If we feel that way, then someone is somehow hurt by it.  Maybe it’s our problem, if we take something too personally?  In this industry, we can’t be too sensitive about what people think.  Rejection is a big part of this business, and sometimes we have to accept it as the way it is and not take it personal.  We have to build thicker skins.

How do we do that?
I think we have to be realistic and be incredibly honest with ourselves.  If we really truly can be open-minded and put ourselves in other people’s shoes, would we come to the same conclusions for casting, in service to the story?  If we can think that way, can we truly look at ourselves objectively and really assess whether we really look the part or not?  Before we’re famous, we have to see ourselves the way other people see us.  Based on our look and personality, who or what do they see when they look at you?  I’m Asian.  If I’m being really honest, I may come up with “delivery guy,” or “Asian gangster” or “hip college student,” or whatever it may be, even though I have the ability to play many other things, like a father, or detective, etc.  I have the ability, but until I’m famous, people won’t see those other things as possibilities for casting me.

So why is it any different if we’re famous?
Since initially it’s never about ability first, it’s based on look.  When we’re famous, our look, is ourselves.  Our personality.  We are our own brand, which can be used to sell what they’re selling.  At this stage, it’s about your public and on screen persona.  All of a sudden, it’s about YOU, and if they like and want YOU, they can put any clothes on you and make YOU into whomever they want.  Ofcourse there’s the exception of character actors, who even when they get regular work, they get type-casted into a role, like,.. the best friend, the boss, the annoying guy, the mom, etc.  In that case, it’s a little harder to break the mold, cause they see you as that typecast now, and it probably had to do a lot with your personality, YOU.

Codename: Cut Throat
Use of ruthless measures, gets the job done quick and straight, nothing pretty, final and definite.

Concept: “Khut Throwt”
A Covert Black Operations Team of a Nation/Planet [The Body] called Cut Throat, made up of the most dangerous beings around, who are result oriented, specializing in being the most effective in getting anything done,  efficiently, by any means without an qualms.

The Body – The Nation/Planet, ?
The Head, is the establishment that watches over/controls The Body.
The Kitchen – The Head’s Military Operations/Higher Ups, run by…
The Chef – Head of/Runs the Kitchen
Cooks – the Kitchen Higher Ups & Staff
The Cut is the Covert Actions divisions of The Kitchen/The body.  The Head’s division is Head Cut/Cut Head

The Cutlery – HQ Made up of…
Cutting Board – Operations/Briefing Room
The Blade VT– Vehicular Transportation/Vertical Take-off

Team Cut Head – like military, with infantry, specialists, and others, like staff, that help run the Cutlery
Cut Throat – the Black Ops get shite done team
Cut Chin
Cut Mouth,
Cut Nose
Cut Cheek
Cut Eye
Cut Forehead
Cut Ear
Cut Face

Cutters – What they call each other

Cut Throat/Team Cut Throat [Khut Throwt] – the Black Ops Get shite done team
Slit Fist/Slit Wrist – Daredevil, death wish, nothing to lose
Hack Mouth – the Con/Communications & Tech
Slice Foot – stealth/Spy, Assassin/Sniper
Dice Butt – brawler/heavy artillery & explosives
Chop Dick – Martial arts/knives
5 raised to take no mess!
They get the job done, no need for pleasantries.
They look at the objective, and hyper focuses in what needs to be done, regardless of who they step on.  They get shite done.

The Cut Above/Team Cut Above – Auxiliary Members
Sever Hand – Psych-Ops
Julian Chest – Medical
Shred Back – Cleaner/Fall guy
Smash Head – Mystery/Strategist
Nick Throat – Recon/Intelligence

The Prime Cut/Team Prime Cut – Support
Cut Loose – Transpo/Transporter Wild Card
Cut Corners – Salvager
Cut Out – Disguise/Subterfuge/Diversion
Cut Up – Spinner & Fuck Shite up expert

Recipe: The plans
Appetizer: Recon, warning, initial wave
Soup –
Salad –
Entre/Main Course:
Dessert: Post-Ops/Final Wave

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